James Kundle

Ozone Therapy Improvement

To whom it may concern,

My name is James Kunkle and I am an American citizen living in Naples, Italy. The work of both Dr. Simonetti and Dr. Pandolfi came to my attention when reading current medical literature on the topic of Ozone Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis.
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 40 in 2004. My diagnosis was based on symptoms and MRI results showing white matter lesions on brain. Spinal fluid analysis was negative with no Oligoclonal banding. I received Avonex as an initial therapy beginning in March of 2004 and had three infusions of Tysabri beginning in Dec 2004 and ending in February of 2005. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Neuroborreliosis, halted all Multiple Sclerosis medications in 2005, and embarked on treatment with oral and intravenous courses of antibiotics with co-infection treatment of both Babesia and Bartonella based on clinical diagnosis. Improvement was noted when on antibiotics, however, when discontinuing medication I would again become symptomatic. Due to this paradigm, I was prescribed a pulsing regimen of multiple oral antibiotics to treat all forms of borrelia once per month for three to five days. This regimen kept me stable, however, I was still left with an unsteady gait and visual tracking issues, as well as occasional brain fog and fatigue.
My occupation prior to diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis was as a Captain for Untied Airlines. Prior to employment with United, I was an officer in the United States Marine Corp where I also was a pilot. My current physical limitations prohibit me from continuing in my position with United Airlines where I ceased my fill time employment in 2010.
When I visited Dr. Simonetti in November 2017, I was not taking any medication for either Multiple Sclerosis or Lyme Neuroborreliosis. At my initial visit, I was given a thorough examination including blood work and MRI both with and without gadolinium. At a later date, I also provided MRI results from 2004. I began Ozone Therapy with Dr. Simonnetti on December 11, 2017 with further treatments on December 13th, 15th ,18th and 20th. Improvements in walking were evident after these first treatments. Following this and due to the distance from Naples to Torino, Dr. Simonetti referred us to his colleague Dr. Pandolfi in Rome to continue treatment. Treatment with Dr. Pandolfi, following the Simonetti Protocol, began on Dec. 27, 2017. From this date forward I have received two treatments per week with improvements continuing week after week. As of March 23, 2018 I continue treatment twice per week at Dr. Pandolfi’s office. Results are summarized in the chart below.